Wreath Makeover

In between furniture projects (coming soon!), I got a chance to do something extra fun this past weekend! I had made a burlap wreath many years ago, possibly 5 or 6, at a time when I liked red a lot. It still looked fairly charming, albeit dusty and sun damaged. However, I decided I was done with it, especially the color theme.

On Sunday, off came the hand cut felt rosebuds and painted “K”. The glue and felt marks were prominent so I covered them with the spare burlap material from the ribbon and flipped the wreath over. The backside was not nearly as sun damaged as the other.

This was the second time I got to play with Kent’s wood burning kit. I had first tried it last year on the frame I made for him with nuts and bolts. I used a pencil first to write “Welcome” as my guide. Wood burning takes a bit of time but the process is extremely satisfying. I’ll be looking for more ways to practice it in the future.

Then came the slew of fake succulents from Hobby Lobby. I can’t get over how realistic they look! I have a few left over and plan to add them to canvas quotes I’ll be handlettering soon.

I fell in love with succulents when we got married 7 years ago and I realized that they were the easiest plants to care for throughout multiple moves and apartments with little natural light. Now they seem to be popping up in so many areas of my home!

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