Pantry Make-Over!

This is what we were up to the month of January. With the New Year, I knew down to my very soul that I was completely over the current state of our pantry. When remodeling the kitchen, the pantry got left behind far too long. With one small exception; when Kent was doing electrical work in the kitchen, I asked him to install a ceiling light in the pantry since there was no light in there at all. And now that the pantry is done, I’m so glad he agreed to do that.

This was definitely worthy of being the first house project of 2018.

We took off the thin sliding doors that had been there, I wasn’t a huge fan of them. I really like unique pantry doors that are decorative as well as functional. The temporary solution is a spare curtain and rod I already had on hand. We have hardware for by-pass barn doors and Kent has plans to make door panels that I will stain and distress. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to spend around $400 and more per barn door panel. There will be a barn door post in the future!

It is extremely satisfying to compare the changes in the surrounding areas of the hallway.

We are fairly certain the pantry interior was original to the house. Many years of crumbs and stickiness built up to make the shelves overdue for replacement.

I’ve never felt so emotional about such a small space. There’s real flooring and trim, and the barely blue-white walls completely changed the light in the area. It’s incredible. In all these before and after pictures, the light bulb was the same.

Ikea has inexpensive, customizable, shelving units that turned out to be very sturdy. Kent secured them to studs in the wall so we wont ever have to worry about how much weight they are holding up. All along I envisioned one, counter level, deep shelf for our coffee and tea-things. We have a lot of accessories when it comes to our hot beverages! This solution cleared up a lot of messy kitchen counter space, keeping the visual in the main area clean and airy. I love it so much!

You wont likely find me posting the inside of my stocked pantry in the future, haha. But just this once, I want to share the satisfying organization. I can finally see all of our groceries! The dark depths of the pantry before were not functional and I discovered that I had FIVE bags of the same noodles! As well as a few canned goods I had no idea were in there. With the new setup, I put all the canned goods at eye level and potatoes and onions in a basket drawer on the bottom. Extra items from large quantity purchases get stored on the top shelf which I have to use a step ladder to reach, such as vinegar, rice, oatmeal and extra condiments.

I hope you enjoyed this makeover! My blogging ambition (see last years post) for 2018 is to spend time on the smaller home improvement projects like refinishing more pieces of furniture that I’ve collected. I’ll be sharing them as they are completed!

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