21. DIY Patterned Pumpkins

​One more autumn craft just in time for Thanksgiving.  These patterned pumpkins are beautiful! The first time I tried it out, I invited two girl friends over to join me and we had a gooey, sticky, fun evening.

It’s the kind of messy craft that doesn’t require perfection. As much as I tried to smooth out bumps and wrinkles in the fabric, I found it didn’t matter! Once the matte glue is dry you can hardly spot imperfections. The final result is a classy little pumpkin for the counter, bookshelf or coffee table.

What You Need:

  • Pumpkin form – (highly discounted in craft stores after halloween! I got mine 70% off at Joanne’s Fabric). You can also use the large floral pics in the fall decor section at Hobby Lobby, just cut off the stems.
  • Patterned fabric of your choice! – The more detailed the pattern, the better this turns out. Plaids and large print fabrics are difficult to pull off since you must cut it up into thin strips and the large designs wont match up.
  • Matte Mod Podge Glue 8 oz – trust me, the 4 oz wont be enough, especially if you’re doing this with friends or little helpers.
  • Foam brush and paper plate
  • A knife to cut the stem out
  • Fabric scissors

Tip: don’t forget to protect your area with plastic sheeting or a drop cloth! It’s a bit messy.

The large pumpkins cost about $10 to make and the little one was more like $8! Of all the fall decor I’ve purchased and made in the past, these guys are my new favs. They will be carefully stored away for next year come November 26th when I devote an entire day to … CHRISTMAS DECORATING!!!!!!!

See you then!

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