17. Easy Oil Recipes for Beauty and Bugs

Oily recipes are back for this weeks post! Our powder room is almost done, I’ll be giving that silly chandelier from my last post another try soon but today I’m happy to share essential oil recipes I’m tickled with.

The first recipe was prompted by a spur of the moment adventure. Which are always the best. We took an amazing trip over Labor Day weekend through Utah and added 3 stamps to our National Park Passport book. Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon and Arches National Park all in 3 days! It was rather crazy. Actually WE are rather crazy. We love road tripping together. I still cannot believe I took these photos with the new little Canon camera that Kent gave me for my birthday! No filters!

I spent two nights packing as efficiently as possible for camping. For instance I was so pleased with myself when I sprayed my body mist from Bath and Body Works into a small roller bottle in order to avoid packing the whole 8 oz bottle. I’ll definitely be doing this in the future to pack light on plane trips!

In addition to the condensing body spray, I made my first essential oil, chemical free bug spray! It smells splendid (perhaps I didn’t need to bring perfume at all, haha) and it works! Kent liked it too which is a bonus, he always disliked the generic store brand bug sprays. Pin this post to your Pinterest board and try the recipe out bellow for yourself.

Next up, I’ve been collecting essential oil recipes for hair care and growth. My hair is fine, the ends tend to split and it’s always been a slow process whenever I want to grow it out longer.

These two recipes smell lovely and are restoring my hair. I’m more apt to use the spray daily because my hair already gets oily quickly on its own. I’ll be using the serum bellow less frequently, mostly before bed on specific places on my hairline where I have weak little baby-hairs that are struggling to commit.

The recommended 2 applications a day is ideal if you’re truly trying to stimulate hair follicles and grow new hair.

Lastly, I’ve probably mentioned I’m a nail biter. It’s a stress habit I’ve been battling since middle school. Part of my issue is that my nails are thin and brittle. Any growth quickly gets snagged, and my perfectionism wants to tear, bite or trim them all down to the same length. More than one round of plastic nails and glue result in my nail beds crinkling at the base which is ugly and takes weeks to grow out. So I’m turning to oils again and applying this roller bottle solution!


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