19. Refinished Chandelier … Finally

About a month ago I was almost ready to post my upcycled chandelier project. But sadly, failure struck when it was ruined by using the wrong finishing spray. See previous post titled #FAIL. It’s done! *deep sigh of relief*

Luckily, my husband was able to sand blast it all off so I could start from scratch again. He says that sand blasting the spray paint and the original layer down to the true bones of the light actually made the final results even better with fewer imperfections and bumps. Perhaps he’s right. I’m just so happy to have this over with and a light in my dining area that I don’t want to think about the hiccup in the process anymore. Ya feel me?

Here is the specimen before. I got it from a friend when she was redecorating a new house. I saved it for a long time because I just knew it could have a second life someday! Updating outdated pieces of furniture and decor is my favorite type of project.

Step one: take the entire chandelier apart. Save the install hardware and use painter’s tape to protect all cords, wires and plugs. I also wrapped the white candle light covers and covered the tops with tape so the light bulb sockets would be protected. Ditched the old lamp shades and reused one of them for a previous upcycle craft.

Step two: sand and clean. Because we had our mishap and had to sand blast all the layers off, I didn’t take a picture of that part. If you’re doing a similar project at home, hopefully you will avoid that and do what I intended first. Which is to use a fine to medium sand paper to roughen up the original surface paint of the chandelier. Then use a damp clothe to wipe down the dust before spraying starts.

Step three: protect your work space! Be sure to cover your area with plastic, newspaper or a drop cloth. I wish I had a better set up to hang the chandelier while spraying. If you can hang it and keep your surroundings protected while spraying, do it! It will be much easier since the light must be sprayed from all angles.

Also choose a day when there isn’t wind. I got stubborn (ok, maybe impatient too) and did it when there was a slight breeze. I was finding spray paint on my person for a day or two!

Step four: I’m really happy with the color I chose at Home Depot, Midnight Blue Spray Paint + Primer by Rust-Oleum. Check all angles for full coverage and touch up missing spots. Read the instructions on the can and be sure each coat dries before continuing.

Step five: Choose a basic clear coat of Rust-Oleum varnish. I picked matte over gloss. I cannot stress this enough: do not use old cans of spray paint from previous projects whose purpose you are not 100% sure of. Again, see previous post, #FAIL.

Step six: once top coat is dry, carefully remove all painters tape, free the wires and put your chandelier back together.

Step seven: hang that beauty up and screw the light bulbs in place!

Note: in the photos below I had not properly threaded the cord through the chain in my hasty excitement to get the light up. It has to be re-hung, shortened and centered anyways when we get our dining table soon which was passed down to me from my Grama Arlene.

You get the idea. I’m relieved it’s finally done. And relieved my choice of navy blue turned out so well.

Shout out to my husband who hung the chandelier late at night! I was too excited to get it up and the timing was its own mini #FAIL. He had to alter the hardware unexpectedly in order to get it up and in the process, the drill majorly ripped into the skin on his finger at the joint. So. much. blood. Naturally, I felt terrible even though I didn’t cause it. I felt responsible. I cried. It was a whole ordeal. I bought him the Christmas Beer Advent Calendar at Costco as a present the very next day. It was like the man version of buying him flowers.

I can’t say any other project has been such a hassle. Fortunately, it looks like it was worth it!


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