12. Upcycled Wine Glass Lampshade

I loved doing this simple craft in an evening. It’s the type of DIY project you can easily do with friends for a girls night. Grab a pack of mis-matched wine glasses from the second-hand store near you, a bag of tea lights, embellishments and mini lamp shades or thick craft paper. Or a slightly chipped wine glass from your cabinet is ideal too!

There’s two ways to do this

  1. I happen to have a chandelier that I will be giving a face lift to soon for our kitchen remodel and it has a handful of tiny lamp shades that I don’t want on it. The lampshades are the perfect size and such good quality that I’ll be able to use one of them outside on my little porch. I’m also thrilled about this because it seems a little safer than using a paper shade. For this style, you can leave the lampshade as is or embellish with glitter and mod podge glue. Or perhaps ribbon and lace. 
  2. If you can’t find a tiny lampshade, here is a link to the pattern for cutting sturdy craft paper into a lampshade. Very simple. Just be sure to not leave the candle unattended when burning with this paper shade. The shade will have the glass between it and the flame but I still wouldn’t trust leaving it burning in another room. An LED tea light would be perfect. Know that the paper wont hold up long-term on a porch but this version is a nice temporary idea for a tea party. With the paper version, you’ll just need a glue gun to adhere the edges together. Rubber stamps or other embellishments can be added too. 

​I’m loving getting settled in our first real home. We’ve already had lots of family come visit and it’s already been filled with laughter and love. My sister Kara brought me porch lights and fashionable outdoor pillows as house warming gifts! I especially love the peacock one featured bellow, she knows me so well.

Cozy porches are a sort of tradition in our family and I can’t wait to spend more time out there this summer.

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