10. Gifts for Him

I’ve been on a gift basket kick for a while and I’m excited to give you some ideas for the guys in your life! The items listed below are just suggestions to get you going on a theme.

A few ideas you can include based on his individual interest are:

  • coffee beans
  • cool mug or travel mug
  • his favorite beverage
  • shooters and a bartenders guide
  • workman’s hand salve
  • meat rubs and grilling accessories
  • shaving creams and neat toiletries
  • ear-buds
  • travel size battery bank or other phone gadgets
  • beef jerky, snacks or candies

Hopefully this list will kickstart a theme for the person you have in mind. Another one is a movie night kit with a DVD, popcorn bags and candy.

Here is the small package I put together for my Father in law based on just a few handy tools.

In This Kit:

  • Small crate – I got mine for $3.97 as an add-on to my Amazon cart but you can also find these at any craft store and use a coupon
  • Chalkboard paint and any brush
  • Chalk pen
  • Tissue paper
  • Workman’s socks – my husband can order Snap-On socks through work and loves the brand. Carhartt has good pairs as well
  • 10 in 1 Credit Card Survival Tool – I’ve seen these all-in-one survival tools that fit in a wallet, pocket etc and thought they are nifty. I picked the Guardman on Amazon
  • Sugru Mouldable Glue – Have you seen this stuff? It’s so cool! There’s a host of YouTube videos on life hacks for ways to use it
  • Clear wrapping paper and scissors
  • Small elastic or rubber band


Paint one side of the crate slats with chalkboard paint. Let dry and paint a second coat. Once paint has completely dried, write your message or receivers name on the black slats.

As always, remove any visible price tags first or use a sharpie to black it out.

Un-package things like socks from awkward packaging. Line crate with tissue paper. Arrange gifts by height, short items in front and tall or large items in back. Display any tiny items on top for best visibility.

Cut large sheet of clear wrapping paper. Gather all the edges up and secure with a small elastic hair tie or rubber band.

I’m sure he’ll love it!

9. Personalized Gift Baskets for Mother’s Day

img_1189Personalized gift baskets and care packages have become one of my favorite projects! It started with a Thank You basket to our friends when I filled it with an item for each person in the family. Then a Care Box crammed full of dry food and goodies for my brother at college with the theme “Treat Yo Self!” and a smaller Care Package for a friend I miss.

It’s a blast hunting for treasures or a collection of themed items for people I know based on their current needs or interests. Then arranging the kits and seeing the final product gives me a huge thrill! I now know why my Grama Porter invested so much of her time in shopping and hand making so many gifts.

Mother’s Day gifts were an easy decision this year!

The Self Care Spa Kit


In This Kit:

  • Pretty basket from Target’s container section
  • Cotton Balls
  • Nail polish
  • Nail polish remover
  • Herbal Tea
  • Sugared Violet Scented Candle from Target ($3!)
  • Burt’s Bee’s Cotton Facial Cleansing Towelettes for sensitive skin
  • Fine dark chocolate bar
  • Fuzzy Spa Socks
  • Encouraging Daily Devotional Calendar
  • Clear plastic wrapping and scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Small elastic or rubber band
  • Gift tag and pen


Always remove any visible price tags first or use sharpie to black it out. It’s how my Momma taught me.

Then start by emptying the cotton balls into the gift basket. These can be arranged as filling around the rest of the gifts.

Un-package things like socks and use ribbon to tie them into a prettier presentation.

Arrange gifts by height, short items in front and tall or large items in back. Display tiny items on top for best visibility.

Cut large sheet of plastic wrap. If one side is too short to gather up and around basket or container, use a second piece to layer. Gather all the edges up and secure with a clear, small elastic hair tie or rubber band before adding the ribbon and gift tag.

The Fairy Garden Kit


For This Kit:

  • Shallow gardening pot from Home Depot
  • Potting mix portioned into a gallon sized ziplock bag
  • Fairy bridge found at Hobby Lobby
  • Wooden spool with yarn
  • Small charms: itty bitty pink tea-cup I found in the jewelry section at Hobby Lobby
  • Tiny bird feeder. (Optional: decorate it by doodling on wood with colored markers)
  • Teeny starry light strand from Target (only $3!)
  • Little bag of “Fairy Findings”. (Free!) Collect a couple of odds and ends like a cork, penny, button and twine or wire for the receivers creative use
  • Packet of wild flower seeds
  • Small block of oven bake clay
  • Bag of glass, pebbles or stones
  • Fine dark chocolate bar, because… obvious reasons. Receiver will need sustenance while crafting a fairy wonderland
  • Tissue paper (optional)
  • Clear plastic wrapping and scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Small elastic or rubber band
  • Gift tag and pen


Same instructions as in previous kit, however; with the potting soil, after you poke a few tiny holes to allow air flow, arrange the bag against the bottom to back of the pot with one edge of the bag leaning out over the back side as seen in the middle, right side photo above. This allows for a better stage to start displaying the rest of the kits contents, large in back, small in front.

If the front items are not visible and keep falling too deep into the pot, use a little bit of tissue paper underneath to prop them up.

Happy gifting!