8. Crafting with Wine Corks

​Our home renovation has been taking up all of our time but the good news is that it’s going fairly smooth with minor hiccups. Half the kitchen ceiling is ripped out for recessed lighting and we’re down to sub flooring. But the cabinets arrived yesterday! Even though they are in boxes, I’m reassured what we picked is beautiful. I can barely wait to install them this Saturday.

Fortunately I had made this little craft a while back and saved it to share with you now. Champagne corks remind me of mushrooms so I made these ornaments, charms and photo stands.

The charms would also be cute tied to a tag on a gift wrapped present. And the photo stand is cute on a desk and can also be used to hold sticky notes and reminders.

I definitely became inspired for this craft through Pinterest. Cork crafts were some of the first Pins I saved to my board “On the Craft Shelf” along with bottle cap crafts. I never throw either of them away and often collect them from friends and family. There’s a slew of things to do with them, all perfect for simple rainy day projects.

What other ways have you used wine corks?

7. Easter Update: Making Things New 

Happy Spring y’all! Here in Colorado this means yummy sunny days and sudden gusts of blustery wind, followed by snow and icy roads the next day. Summer is just around the corner and due to our recent move, I’ve been forced into some real spring cleaning leading up to Easter weekend. Our big news…

We bought our first home!

Yes, it’s kind of a big deal! I can’t help but squeal in excitement now and then in between the rushes of packing, deadline panics and hardcore adulting. As crazy as the suburban Denver market is, we had a great first time experience and could not have done it without our realtor Stephanie Brooks.

Our first home is a townhouse, and as we wanted, a little bit of a fixer upper! According to the Inspector, it is in great condition. But it’s begging for an update. Kent has experience working for a contractor, he can build and fix just about anything. And I don’t mean “fix” like Tim from Home Improvement. Kent has real skills and gets things done right. I love painting, decorating and remodeling of all kinds. This is one of the big reasons we were attracted to each other when we met. We’ve been looking forward to putting our style on a home ever since we got married. After about four rentals and five moves, we can not wait to start this project together! We’ve just started scraping the popcorn ceilings upstairs and I already know we won’t even come close to killing each other in this venture (haha) but we have been learning a lot together. It’s already making us grow in ways we haven’t expected.

Sneak Peek:

Here are just a few “before” pictures. We are going to:

  • scrape popcorn ceilings and re-texture
  • change out light fixtures and two doors
  • put in new carpet upstairs
  • repaint upstairs, main floor and basement laundry/craft room
  • redoing closets and trim
  • replace laminate with new flooring on main floor
  • remodel the entire kitchen

Some smaller touches like back-splash, new fireplace mantel and replacing the master bathroom vanities, will all be done later on after we move in.

With Easter’s theme of resurrection and new life in spring time, the symbolism isn’t lost on me that we are making this home new as well.

Our lives have been a bit chaotic in recent weeks but we try to stop and enjoy the new adventure we’re on so we don’t miss the big stuff. That’s why I can still enjoy taking a moment to post a quick note and stay on track with my New Years ambition. I wish I had a cute easter egg craft for you. My Pinterest board is overflowing with brilliant inspiration and the “creative juices are flowing” as my sister Kara and I like to say. But sometimes we just can’t do everything we hope and a little self-care is a higher priority.

Lastly, here’s my fur-child, Meeko, to say “Happy Easter!” I hoped he would demonstrate his convincing impression of a bunny on its hind legs. But apparently he doesn’t approve of sharing this talent with the camera. Perhaps he found the bunny ears an insult to his artistic performance. Or fame has gone to his head and he wants a new agent to negotiate a better salary than half a peanut butter treat per act. Psh, who knows. Needless to say, I am hesitant to consider his audition for future casting as The Clay Bunny.

Wishing you a glorious Easter weekend!