4. Homemade Essential Oil Hand Salve 

Happy Wednesday!

I was torn about which project I would do for this post but quickly settled on this because my hands have suffered a great deal this Colorado Winter. I once took pride in silky hands, yet recently no amount of regular lotion could repair my flaky, cracked knuckles. So I compared Pinterest suggestions and then wrote out my own experimental recipe. And I have to say, after a day and a half of applying this to my hands before bed, before I drive and at my desk, my hands are restored! I wanted a recipe that focused more on the amazing benefits of shea butter. Since this was a first time experiment I went with a small batch in 1/4 cup measurements. I did not label this a lotion for a few reasons. The consistency and slow absorbance seems more applicable as an ointment than an every day all around hand lotion, which is ideally less oily. At the rate my, once smooth hands, have been cracking, a healing balm is called for, oily and all! I now consider this my healing hand treatment when regular, oil free, lotions fail.

The trendy stationary I wrote the recipe on was given to me by my talented sister in law, Grace Pennington. I love her original hand sketched designs!

I originally added 3 drops of German Chamomile to this salve per my essential oils handbook suggestion. However, the oder was so overpowering in the recipe I decided not to include it above. If you make this as a healing hand treatment I recommend bottling small portions into multiple tiny containers (recycled spice containers work great). One each for your purse, desk and night stand. Perhaps even by your kitchen sink if you frequently do dishes. Regular dish soap often contributes to drying out my hands and leaving them chapped. (I cannot wait to try Young Living’s Thieves Dish Soap instead in my next monthly order!) A couple of days of faithful application of this salve should result in noticeable improvement. Enjoy!

Please note: if you do not have the time or resources to make this recipe yourself, I’d be happy to make a personal batch for your purchase! Just comment for a request. 

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