3. Easy Spring Chalk Board Wreath

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Not everyone enjoy’s celebrating it but it’s special to me because my Mom made it meaningful. Growing up, it meant an extra special evening as a family eating a scrumptious meal by candle light. As well as exchanging those cute Valentine cards that come in a box with stickers or silly temporary tattoos and maybe a small homemade gift. Mom would buy a new DVD for the whole family to watch, or a new board game. These good memories inspire me to carry on fun traditions. Yet it should not become a burden or an overwhelming obligation to do something for every single person in your life each year.

For example; this year my husband and I are house hunting as first time home buyers, so we already have plenty going on. That’s why we ordered P.F. Chang’s take out and ate on the living room floor in a blanket nest, surrounded by candles. Followed by Cookie Butter Cheesecake Bites for dessert from Trader Joes (ohmyword, you HAVE to try them!). Simple, inexpensive but special. A moment to do something out of the ordinary and take our mind off of the lack of homes listed on the Colorado market (I won’t even go there right now).

For me the holiday this year just meant intentionally calling each of my siblings to say “I love you”. Not because I don’t remember so say it otherwise, but because you can’t tell someone “I love you” enough. Perhaps the saying “it’s the thought that counts”, can actually apply to this nationally recognized day devoted to love.

Among the long to-do lists we have right now, I enjoyed coming up with a new adornment for our front door. Post holiday craft sales are the best! Hobby Lobby’s Valentine’s day decor goes 50% off or more the week of and after. I found a Valentine’s Day chalk board, gave it an easy makeover and now I have something for spring and Easter all in one cute sign. You can find the chalk board here for $5!

Spring and Easter Chalk Board Sign


  • If you aren’t a fan of your own handwriting, try using a stencil with your chalk pen. I can freehand but the stencil was great to get me started. Have fun and write whatever saying or greeting you like! The great thing is, I can wipe it off later and write something else like “Hello there…”, “Welcome” or more specifically “He is Risen!”
  • If you pick out a fancier ribbon, you don’t even have to glue on the flowers.
  • The possibilities for extra charms are endless. As I’m writing this, I just realized that one of those clip on butterflies could be really lovely!

2. Botanical Fairy Frame gift Tutorial and More

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, I wanted to have a cool idea for homemade gifts for you with stuff I already have laying around my craft room. When I saw two frames on a bottom bookshelf collecting some dust, I knew exactly what I would create. Redecorating old frames is so much fun and often turns out perfectly for thoughtful presents. My botanical fairy photo frame craft is a little messy but totally worth it! And I’m pleased to death over it.


I wanted to come up with a second gift idea that is masculine. I decided to cover one frame with nuts and bolts for a cool geometric look that my diesel technician husband would really like. It turned out fantastic!

Geometric Handyman Photo Frame

I documented the whole thing and edited the short video on the iPad movie app. However, this is where tragedy struck. While I was preparing to save the finished video tutorial to my iPad, I permanently deleted the video clips to create more storage space in my gallery. And apparently, you’re not supposed to do that until you save the finished video compilation from the app to your device. *Insert silent sob* Because otherwise the movie app will inform you that “this project contains clips which have been deleted from your photo or music library”. I didn’t take the proper precautions to back up my device (it was 11:30pm so I’m trying to forgive myself for that), the clips were “immediately deleted”. I.E. non-recoverable. Fail. While I can bemoan the effort lost on the video, I do have a super cool gift for my mechanic husband for Valentine’s Day and the two pictures to show you.

I like this gift idea because you can almost cover a frame with anything! For a friend who loves computers, I would next like to try decorating a frame in loose hard drive bits and scrap pieces. Or for a teacher, glue charms and accessories from the doll house or jewelry section onto the frame. Such as mini rulers and pencils and Mod Podge notebook paper. The sky is the limit. I hope you get inspired!