1. Nourishing Whipped Shaving Cream and my First Video Attempt

I tried a DIY essential oil whipped shaving cream recipe for the first time and gave them as Christmas gifts for guys and girls. With all the amazing benefits Shea butter (the stuff is creamy gold for cracked skin) and coconut butter have for skin, I can’t imagine a more nourishing and moisturizing recipe.

The combination I gave my brother was mainly a Eucalyptus scent with Tea Tree, Frankincense and Peppermint essential oils for the extra skin benefits. This time I tried Northern Lights Black Spruce as the main scent, with a little Tea Tree and Frankincense again but also a little Cedarwood essential  oil. I had no idea how many benefits Cedarwood has not only for sleep and headaches but for skin as well! I diffuse it with Lavender most nights and it is divine.

This was my first attempt ever at a video tutorial. It’s not spectacular. My iPad came with all the right apps which made it fairly simple to learn how to edit by trial and error. I definitely learned a few things that will make next time easier. But I probably should have checked out a how-to-video on YouTube first. I didn’t. Sometimes I’m too impatient and want to figure it out myself. Sort of like the stereotype about men not asking for directions, I guess.

Note: I like my fragrances a bit potent, hence the 27 drops. Also, Coconut is pretty strong and can take over the fragrance so I always have to add extra drops of the main scent. For this video I used 5 drops each of Tea Tree, Frankincense and Cedarwood essential oils. And 12-ish drops of Northern Lights Black Spruce. This recipe makes quite a bit, about 22.5 oz. The consistency will become thicker once stored. I recycled a pretty candle jar for this which you can see in one of my first posts here.

Use: Apply a liberal amount to skin that is not too wet. Otherwise it will melt faster, the water will act as a barrier between the oils and skin and you wont get the oily benefits. With all natural ingredients, don’t expect it to lather the same as store brands. The oils will protect from cutting as you shave. You may need to rinse your razor a few times while shaving. Then wash with your regular body soap, rise and pat dry!

I loved how my legs felt after using this shaving cream because Colorado winters can be extremely dry and this year has been no exception for my skin! It’s a little different to get accustomed to shaving with when you’re used to store brands but I felt it is definitely worth it and plan to stick with homemade shaving cream from now on. I look forward to trying a floral scent for a future batch with Jasmine or Geranium.

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