Last Minute Gifts for Stockings

Two days till Christmas! I couldn’t be more excited for the holiday and the gifts I made for family and friends. Rollerball recipes are the easiest essential oil craft. And they make perfect stocking stuffers! I recently got in a few new oils from Young Living and could not wait to put them to use.

All you will need are essential oil rollerballs, you can pick them up at your nearest health food store or on Amazon where I bought a bunch for a great deal. I love having extra on hand. You can find them here, 24 blue glass rollerballs for $12.99 and free shipping. A pipette oil dropper really makes measuring easier. The essential oil bottle lid opener is necessary to get the roller caps on and off. You can get both, plus cute labels here for $5.99.

Sleep Well Blend:

  • Fill the rollerball bottle 2/3 full of a carrier oil, I chose almond oil.
  • Add 8 drops each of Lavender essential oil and Cedarwood essential oil.
  • Apply to writs, temples, neck and feet.

Make sure there is till plenty of room left from the top, about a quarter inch. The space is needed when you install the roller cap again. I sort of forgot about that myself, oops! Because otherwise, if you fill it to the top and try put the roller cap on, there won’t be room and this might happen:

This next one I created is my new favorite.

Healthy Skin Blend:

  • Fill Rollerball bottle 2/3 full of coconut oil
  • Add 4 drops of Frankincense essential oil and 4 drops Lavender oil
  • 3 drops of Tea Tree oil, 3 drops of Rosemary oil and 3 drops of Lemongrass oil
  • Apply to cheeks and forehead. 

To install the roller, push the rollerball in as far as you can. Then place the cap on and with a little extra strength, twist cap on until it closes. The roller will snap in all the way.

And there you have it! Rollerballs are a great way to keep essential oil blends with you during the day or when you travel and are also thoughtful gifts.

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