Christmas Glitter Bottle DIY

It has been a busy few weeks since Thanksgiving. But I LOVE this time of year! Making presents and wrapping beautiful packages for friends and family are probably some of my favorite things to do. My Gramma would shower us in presents and we knew it took her all year preparing as she hunted down all the amazing sales at Belk’s with her coupons. Gramma put so much thought into each persons gift even though she had eleven grandchildren to spoil, three kids and their spouses to boot. From the bitty baby and doll house kit to the leather jacket and bead tools, I knew each present from her growing up was an expression of her deep love and desire to feed my interests. I believe that’s where my strong love for Christmas came from. I aspire to be like my Gramma Arlene Jane Porter. To love on people with gifts and thoughtfulness.

So I have plenty of Christmas crafts coming up and you better believe a few of them include Essential oils and ways to use recycled bottles! But before those are ready for your viewing pleasure, here’s a little craft I did the other night that I’ve always wanted to try.

Glitter Bottles! Or often called Galaxy Jars or Sensory Bottles. They are a trending children’s craft that is soothing and calming to watch as it’s shaken up and the glitter swirls slowly and settles again. Which is why they are often recommended for children with autism as a calming object. My Pinterest feed was overflowing with these a little while back and they looked like a lot of fun! Ideal for a kids craft if you are looking for an indoor activity on a cold winter day. And the materials are inexpensive. I picked up a few packages of Christmas bobbles and charms at Hobby Lobby when I was buying wrapping paper. The glitter and odds and ends are under $3 a pack and Christmas items are 50% off so it was a steal!

What you will need:

  1. Glitter Glue
  2. Warm water
  3. Dish or hand soap
  4. Glitter and charms
  5. Bottle (if you read my last post you’ll see how this was a perfect project to use a upcycled glass bottle! Voss water bottles are fantastic for these projects)
  6. Super glue
  7. Long wooden stick or skewer (optional but I found it helpful)
  8. Food coloring (also optional but if you want the liquid opaque you’ll need it)


  • I used two 375 ml glass Voss water bottles for this craft and filled each with 1/4 cup glitter glue, 2 table spoons of dish or hand soap and the rest with warm water.
  • Screw on the cap and shake it up real good! The glitter glue may have stuck a little to the bottom so use a long skewer to scrape and stir it in well until it completely dissolves.
  • Add your choice of glitter and charms and two to three drops of food coloring.
  • Top off water to the edge to remove any soapy bubbles. Super glue the lid and enjoy!

Stay tune in the next week for simple DIY Christmas gifts!

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