Bottles, Jars and Sugar Scrubs

Before the holiday weekend begins I really wanted to make an actual craft post. I was tempted to agonize over what “The Perfect idea would be, and I realized there might be no such thing. Because the first thing I had to learn with crafting is that the sky is the limit. Crafting encompasses so many fields of creativity from sewing and knitting, to polymer clay and jewelry or upholstering furnature and painting. I could not think of just one craft idea that would encompass all of these at once. If there is such a thing, surely I would not be able to get it put together in just a few days.

So here is what I decided upon; the thing I do the most often. Recycling glass containers! Ok, this probably sounded anti-climatic. But for me this made sense because so many of my creations and DIY projects include glass containers or storage items. And the first way I love to save money is to never throw away glass bottles and jars or good plastic containers. Once you stop yourself from tossing these things in the trash when you’re cooking, that candle has burned out or the wine bottle is finished, you wouldn’t believe how many wonderful storage options are available to you without having to run to the craft store.

This collection is really just scratching the surface, this is only one sixth of my collection of saved bottles and jars stored in a few boxes in the basement. That picture just tells me “Oh the possibilities!”

I’d like to share with you real quick the methods I use to clean up pasta sauce jars, candle containers, etc. And then I will reward you with a simple sugar scrub recipe I made in which I got to use one of these cute jars.

The three things I most often use to recycle (or shall I say the trendy word up-cycle) containers are GOO GONE and Sprayway Glass Cleaner when hot soapy water just isn’t enough. Let’s talk about it. It’s really simple and so satisfying! I will demonstrate with some glass jars and also a candle.

1. Peel as much of the label off as possible. Sometimes it comes easy!

2. GOO GONE is the best for sticky and tacky surfaces. Use a little elbow grease and it will come right off. But if there’s too much paper on there still, the GOO GONE will have trouble removing the glue. So go to step 4 if that’s an issue.

3. Scrub the insides with hot soapy water to remove any oders from previous contents. If it’s a candle, use a knife to cut out any excess wax from the bottom (you might have to warm it up just a little in the microwave first if the wax is too hard).

4. For the stickers and labels that just don’t want to peel off easily, I use Sprayway Glass Cleaner. Cover the label with a generous spray making sure all the edges get wet and let it sit for about 10 minutes (best place to leave them is the sink as the solution drips off).

5. Wipe off remaining glass cleaner and peel again. Voila!

6. Scrape any globs of gunk left with a flat edge. Go over with GOO GONE once more if necessary.

7. Wash and dry thoroughly (best not to leave a trace of the cleaning products). Ta-da! Beautiful clean containers and jars waiting to be put to use!
The best part is you will have many more unique jars and bottles than some you might find at the store. Like the Bath & Body Works 3 wick candle! The ombré glass and filigree lid was just too pretty to throw away. Plus the rubber seal on the lid will make this perfect to store a future cosmetic recipe!

I immediately put one container to use to store a bunch of plastic snaps in my sewing room.

I have one more quick treat before I go. My favorite way to use the bottles and jars are essential oil recipes. Since I signed up for a Young Living membership for myself, I cannot believe the endless possibilities available! Because of Thanksgiving I have seen a lot of pumpkin spice recipes on my Pinterest feed. So here is my spin on a basic sugar scrub.

~Pumpkin Spice Essential Oil Sugar Scrub~








Mix together:

  • 3/4 cup of white granulated sugar (I use Kirkland Organic Cane Sugar from Costco, a great bulk purchase by the way).
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup of liquid coconut oil (melt if you only have it in a solid form).
  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • 4 to 6 drops each of Cinnamon essential oil and Clove essential oil
  • 6 drops of Thieves essential oil (I might have done 7. I just love the smell of Thieves so much I try to put it in everything!) It also has so many healing benefits, definitely my favorite oil.

Combine it all together and store in a sealed container. It smells amazing! Whether making a big batch or a small one, this would be a great homemade gift.

If you up-cycle glass containers I’d love to I hear how you use them!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. You are very creative in how you recycle your jars. Recently I have been getting lables off old honey jars and was not very successful. Thanks for telling what works best for you. I will try it!


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